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From commercial to Open Source, we use the most advanced, yet cost-efficient, platforms for enterprise, web and mobile development

Global businesses today recognize it is critical to establish and maintain a competitive IT strategy. Disruptive change and business transformation have impacted market developments, become key factors in business sustainability and overall competitive landscape, and affected entire industries – and these transformations are often driven by technology.

DataArt Technology Consulting provides clients with the latest technology innovations to unleash their business potential and help them develop a comprehensive company-wide IT strategy. With our holistic view of technology, business and processes, we help global organizations across multiple industries move faster and work better. Our experience spans multiple disciplines, technology stacks, and approaches.

Cloud Computing

Cloud is a paradigm shift in how companies develop and manage services and applications, maximize their technology stacks and use the right tool for every aspect of their IT strategy. DataArt helps companies build and migrate their applications and services to the cloud to minimize infrastructure costs, optimize capacity, and effectively secure their IT environment.

Some technologies our engineers like to work with include:

  • Docker and Containers.
  • Kubernetes.
  • Virtualization and migration: moving existing apps and services into the cloud.
  • DevOps, Automation and orchestration: Ansible, Vagrant, Juju, Chef, Terraform.
  • Rapid prototyping and solution delivery based on different cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform.
  • Usage of modern flexible serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, Aurora Serverless, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run .

Comprehensive automation helps streamline solution development in all project phases, from prototyping to release and support, while continuous integration and DevOps practices allow our engineering teams to quickly respond to a changing business environment. The approach helps assure a high product quality and smooth routine procedures. Continuous delivery and DevOps practices allow to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate production downtime.

Our DevOps engineers help with:

  • Development infrastructure, including source control, artifactory and package management, project management tools, private container registry.
  • Continuous integration with best practices using Jenkins, Teamcity, Bamboo, Travis.
  • Continuous delivery with automation tools, including Capistrano, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Juju and Docker containers.
  • Orchestration with Vagrant, OpenStack, Kubernetes and clouds AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, JSP and more.

Data and Analytics

Simply put, we love data. We help companies realize the full potential of collected data with scalable cloud storage and compute platforms. Our team goes beyond mere SQL scripts and adds domain specific languages (DSL), machine learning and research notebooks into companies’ data analysis routine.

Big Data solutions we've built run on:

  • Apache Spark — the world's fastest in-memory MapReduce platform for batch and stream processing.
  • Riak and Cassandra — scalable and reliable distributed storage.
  • Elasticsearch — scalable document-based full text search platform.
  • Apache Hadoop family — distributed file system and original MapReduce platform and related technologies.
  • Apache Kafka — lightning fast message bus.
  • Jupyter, IPython, Zeppelin, Databricks Cloud — interactive data science, research notebooks and development environment for analytics.

Open Source

DataArt is an active member of the Open Source ecosystem. We know how to select the best-of-breed Open Source systems, components and frameworks and integrate them into a solution that solves your business problems. We can help you assess an Open Source stack, evaluate options and make the most informed decision, while our legal advisors help you navigate the variety of Open Source licenses.

At DataArt we put business first. We prototype solutions with technology that allows the client to move faster. We help companies turn ideas into proof of concepts and select the technology stack that is right for the task.

We like to work with:

  • Minimal viable product development (MVP).
  • Migrating relational data sources to modern key-value storages such as Riak and Cassandra.
  • Performance optimization through decomposition into micro services.
  • Reactive design.
  • High performance caching.

DataArt maintains the following Open Source projects:

  • DeviceHive — Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management and Data Platform.
  • Atlas Framework — the Atlas Framework is a comprehensive set of .NET development infrastructure tools designed to jump-start projects and accelerate the delivery of business functionality in the cloud by up to 24 weeks.
  • TSI — an open sourse platform for developing trading solutions.
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